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The very best in quality, fresh, raw food for your dog direct from the manufacturer and delivered to your door. We offer weekly delivery across the Gold Coast region. Join our growing community of dog lovers to trial our service for both quality and convenience.

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Packaging’s Critical Role In Safe Dog Food

As pet owners we put a lot of energy into researching and being aware of what ingredients are going into our dog’s food. However, what most pet owners aren’t unaware of, is that the quality of the nutrients accessible to your dog is completely reliant on how well it has been packaged.

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Your Dog's Poop

Your dog’s poop, although probably the bane of your existence, is an excellent way to gage what is happening on the inside of your dog. It is also important as a dog owner to know what is normal and what deserves a vet visit.

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The 4 Rules For Walking Your Dog

When it comes to dog walking there are rules all dog walkers should follow, to ensure the safety of your dog and others around you. Let’s face it nobody wants to be that ignorant dog walker.

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