I am going on holidays, can I suspend my deliveries while I am away?

Yes! We offer the option for you to cancel your subscription at any time. Simply login to your member profile, click on the Subscription Plan tab and press the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. Please keep in mind if you have cancelled your subscription, your deliveries will cease at the end of your current paid delivery cycle. When you return, simply click the ‘Re-Activate Subscription’ button, providing at least four days notice from your nominated delivery day, to receive deliveries like your never left.


I no longer wish to receive deliveries; how do I cancel?

Simply login to your member profile, click on the Subscription Plan tab and press the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can always login again and re-activate your subscription. Please keep in mind if you have cancelled your subscription, your deliveries will cease at the end of your current paid delivery cycle.


How much does it cost to feed my dog?

Each individual dog requires a different daily amount. To calculate how much your dog requires per day, please refer to our Dog Food Calculator. You can modify your dog’s daily intake by pressing the + and – buttons. Depending on the bag size you choose, how much you order and the frequency of deliveries will determine the total cost.  We have three convenient bag sizes for you to choose from:

250g bag – $2.50 each

500g bag – $4.50 each

1kg bag – $8.00 each

Any deliveries under the value of $40.00 will incur a built in $5.95 delivery fee.



My delivery didn’t arrive. What do I do?

First check your email, if your delivery didn’t arrive it may be due to a payment not being received. If this is the case, we will notify you by email on the first transaction attempt. We will then re attempt to make the transaction, if this fails again you will be notified by email and  we will make one final attempt to make the transaction. If it is unsuccessful you will not receive a delivery for this week. However, deliveries will recommence the following week, providing your payment information is correct.

If you are up to date with payments and are still unsure why you did not receive a delivery, please contact us on 07 5525 0987, we will try to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Why did I receive different bag sizes in my order?

To ensure minimal wastage each week, you received your order to the closest bag size (For example if your order totalled 1.65kg for the week, you will receive 1 x 1kg bag, 1 x 500g bag and 1 x 250g bag).

I just signed up, when should I expect my first delivery?

Firstly, welcome to our pack! Your delivery day will be allocated based on your address. To find your delivery zone and schedule day, please refer to the Delivery Schedule page. To receive your order on the next available delivery to your zone, orders must be in 4 days prior. If you miss the cut off time, don’t worry your next scheduled delivery will be the following week on your nominated delivery day.




Is it normal for my dog to have any intestinal upset or loose stools when transitioning to raw dog food?

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience an upset stomach or loose stools following a change in their diet. The way you transition your dog from the old food to the new food will play a major role in this. After a few weeks your dog’s digestive system will become accustomed to a healthy natural food source and any loose stools should begin to become firmer.

Your dog may also experience the odd case of vomiting. Although not as common, some dogs may experience this as their body is not used to this style of food. If you are concerned, please contact our team at [email protected] to discuss this further. On the rare chance that your dog experiences multiple vomiting episodes, it may have an allergic reaction, if this is the case consult with your vet.

When is the best time to introduce That Pet Food Company Food?

Some dogs become fussy when a new food source is presented. To assist with an easy transition, feed the new food source on its own on an empty stomach. Allow ample time for your dog to ‘investigate’ the new food. 

Is That Pet Food Company’s food okay to feed my puppy?

Yes, absolutely. That Pet Food Company has designed a recipe based on the ‘BARF’ formula. Our food is biologically what nature intended your dog to eat. By starting your puppy on a product that is free from preservatives, artificial flavors and colourings, chemicals, heat processing and grains, you are giving them the best start in life to thrive with good health.

Is it okay to switch to That Pet Food Company’s food straight away or should I do it slowly?

Every dog will be different, and who knows your dog better than you? You may choose to switch straight to our product or you may choose to make the transition slower by decreasing the current food you use and slowly increasing the amount of That Pet Food Company’s food. Either way, your dog will benefit from introducing a fresh, raw balanced food source into their diet.

Is That Pet Food Company’s food nutritionally balanced, or do I need to add other food as well?

We have spent a lot of time formulating a recipe that is considered a ‘balanced’ diet for your dog. Our food is a fantastic foundation recipe to provide the nutritional needs for your dog. A raw meaty bone fed in conjunction with our food, on a weekly basis is our suggestion for optimal health.

If you decide you’d like to add additional food to your dog’s diet, you have the ability to plus or minus the daily required amount when personalising your order.

I’ve tried everything and my dog won’t eat the food.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide a wholesome food source for your dog, please contact Member Support on [email protected] and we will happily refund your order or discuss alternative options to introduce the new food source.

Can I adjust the daily amount I feed my dog?

Yes. You can adjust the daily amount that you feed your dog by using the + or – buttons on the subscribe page. These buttons allow you to equate for additional food sources (such as bones or treats) that you may include in your dog’s diet already.

I need extra help with my fussy dog.

Some dogs are fussier than others and may be more difficult to transition over to a new diet. We can help! That Pet Food Co. offers a FREE in home consultation to assist with the transitioning of foods. To arrange a time for one of team members to come out to you, contact [email protected] or alternatively call (07) 5525 0987.