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0011pepsiThat Pet Food Company believes in having a balanced dog. We believe that nutrition plays a key part in achieving this and in the overall health and wellbeing of every dog.

We offer a choice of two complete dog food varieties packed with the nutrients to maintain optimal health while catering for your dog’s digestive needs:

Delivered to your door in vacuum-sealed bags, our dog food is transported in freezer vans arriving frozen for maximum freshness.

The recipe for our dog food is the culmination of extensive research into the dietary, digestive and nutritional requirements of dogs, adapting the principles of the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). The result is a winning combination of quality ingredients in accurate percentages and a dog food your companion can digest and enjoy irrespective of age, breed or weight.

Many people want to do their best by their dog and spend extensive time and money creating their own blend of dog food in their kitchen at home. While their intentions are good not everyone has the time for regular meal preparation, and some of the ingredients they include may not actually be beneficial to their dog.

Our dog food recipe has been researched, trialed and refined to ensure it ticks every box:

  • It delivers in taste and quality
  • Constitutes as a balanced meal
  • Is designed to maximise your dog’s health and wellbeing
  • Is safe and convenient to use, store, and order

Our dog food is made in hygienic commercial premises using the freshest, highest quality ingredients on the market, and packed onsite in strict alignment with industry standards, certifications and regulations.

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