Nutritional Value


That Pet Food Company’s raw dog food offers superior nutritional value compared to that of processed or cheaply produced varieties.

Containing only natural, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients of the highest quality, unlike other brands our raw dog food contains no grains, no preservatives, no chemicals, artificial colourings or fillers, no heat processing, or added sugars or salts.

Drawing on the latest research and evidence-based studies into canine digestive and dietary systems, our product is 100% natural and packed with nutritional essentials designed to meet the health needs of your dog at every stage of its development.


With a balanced ratio of animal proteins, fibre, and essential oils, our raw dog food contains:

  • 60% Meat and bone – Raw, red or white meats
  • 15% Offal – Quality sources of protein
  • 25% Fruit, Vegetables and Essential Oils – including vitamin-packed ingredients such as pawpaw, apples, pears, capsicum, pumpkin, pineapple, as well as coconut oil, flaxseed oil and the added nutritional boost of eggs and yoghurt.

Just as important as what we put in, is what we leave out. We understand dogs have a vastly different digestive system to humans, meaning they are unable to process certain vegetables, even when they are emulsified, while others can be toxic and harmful.


When you switch to That Pet Food Company’s raw dog food the health benefits are immediate and ongoing. They can include:

  • A thicker, shinier, glossier coat.
  • Weight control and management.
  • Calmer and more balanced energy levels.
  • Behavioural improvements – a decrease in challenging behaviour, or increased focus and obedience.
  • Increased longevity and a reduction in many common health problems.
  • A happier, healthier, more well-balanced dog!

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